Call for contributions
to an online historical archive

We wish to solicit contributions from historians and other scholars for an online digital archive focusing on South Asia. We envision this as particularly useful to students and teachers of South Asia.

As a community of scholars we are in possession of resources that can be harnessed usefully and inexpensively — all of us, for instance, have material collected from different locations that we have already used for our research or which is simply superfluous. Through this initiative, we enable you to make this material publicly accessible.

If you would like to contribute to this online archive, please contact us at the email address below. We will ask you to send your contribution by post or email (if you possess a digital version). In special cases involving particularly fragile or

We shall acknowledge you on the website as the contributor of a particular collection unless you wish otherwise. We can also credit those who have contributed to your collection, if needed and include disclaimers if necessary. We will also solicit your suggestions for meaningful ways to organize and tag your collection on the website. As a specialist user, your expertise is crucial in showcasing this material creatively. For examples, please take

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